Discover the cultural heritage of the Napoleonic era through 7 different themed tourist routes that cover different parts of Spain and Portugal.

  1. Cross-border cooperation
  2. Economic Development
  3. Sustainable Tourism and Environmental Development
  4. Transfer and Replicability

Who supports this project?

Enjoy the stays offered by the hotels, paradors and lodgings with which we collaborate, set to maximise comfort, convenience and the greatest possible historical accuracy.

You will be able to attend historical re-enactments and events related to the French troops at the points listed in the following link:

One of the highlights of the experience we offer is the traditional tasting of Spanish and Portuguese cuisines.

On the occasion of the Bicentenary of the death of Napoleon Bonaparte on 5 May 2021, a series of annual celebrations will be promoted with activities and events across Europe that will allow visitors to enjoy unique experiences.

Enjoy the variety and quality of expert winemaking regions, with an exquisite range of wines.


Our centers, hotels and activities

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About us

The objective of the NAPOCTEP project is to enhance the cultural heritage of the Napoleonic era through the creation of Napoleonic routes in an area that includes the central region of Portugal (the inter-municipal communities of Coimbra Region and Beiras and Serra da Estrela, along with the Historic Route of the Lines of Torres) and the western Castilian-Leonese provinces (Salamanca, Zamora, Valladolid, León and Ávila), generating an innovative and attractive tourist product that generates economic activity and employment.

The project will have a planned duration of two years (2019-2021), with a total investment of 711 thousand euros co-financed by the European Commission within the INTERREG POCTEP program.