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ADECOCIR – Siega Verde Archaeological Site

This unique archaeological site was declared a World Heritage Site on August 1, 2010 as an extension of the archaeological park of the Coa Valley. It is located next to the banks of the Águeda River, about 15 km downstream from the town of Ciudad Rodrigo (Salamanca). There is also a bridge and an old mill with the same name where the course of the river has its last ford before flowing into the Arribes. In this site we can find pools that contain water, even at times when the stowage is greater.

If you want to visit the site, it is advisable to book the visit before coming. You can check the availability of the visit on the website and you can learn more about the possibility of a virtual visit to the site.

Explore Alqueidao

Within the Linhas de Torres Historical Route, we find that during some months of the year, sports, science and environmental activities, among others, are held at the Alqueidão Fort. All the events and other information can be consulted on its web site

Discover Alqueidão as it is!

Discover the Fort of Alqueidão in other times through the challenges that will be proposed to you. From the cannonball to the musket ball, passing through the horseshoes of the generals’ horses and the buttons of the soldiers’ uniforms…

There are many testimonies of the presence of Portuguese and English troops here!

Cigales Wine Route

This route is closely linked to the War of Independence, given the influence it had in some towns. Joseph Bonaparte stayed in the town of Dueñas, a battle led by Wellington was fought in the Stone Bridge in Cabezón de Pisuerga and Napoleon’s troops settled in the vineyards of Fuensaldaña and Cigales.

On their website you can consult all the experiences they offer. Some of them are also accessible.

Ruta del Vino del Bierzo

El Bierzo has been linked to wine culture since Roman times. A generational chain was born that has passed down the art of vine cultivation and wine making to the present day. This traditional knowledge means that Bierzo wines are among the most highly valued on the national and international markets.

Its website shows the oenological options, routes and other tourist attractions.

Ribera del Duero Wine Route

This route is especially relevant for the historical events that took place in its territory. Seven of its towns were a transit area for Napoleonic troops: Aranda de Duero, Peñaranda and Roa de Duero are some of them. It offers numerous thematic routes that can be consulted on its website, as well as gastronomic, nature and health experiences.

Ribera del Duero Wine Route

In the territory in which this route is inscribed, vines have been cultivated since the 11th century. The climatic conditions and the orographic characteristics of its soils make it especially favorable for the native grape, the Verdejo. On its website you can consult the towns along the route, as well as the wineries, accommodations and other points of interest in each one.

Rueda Wine Route

This route is located in the middle course of the Duero, where different grape varieties such as Garnacha, Verdejo and Malvasía are produced. It offers a rich cultural and gastronomic heritage that allows you to enjoy a weekend of inland tourism with a great wine tradition.