Villahoz hosts Startup Village, the first European Congress for Rural Repopulation

The aim of this initiative is to find innovative solutions to address the challenges of depopulation

Brussels, 01.08.2019 – On July 31st the presentation of Startup Village, the first European Congress for Rural Repopulation, took place in the town of Villahoz (Burgos). Some of the main public and private members of the Spanish and European entrepreneurship met at the event for innovative projects that emerge in the rural area to address the challenges of depopulation.
It is to this end that the different typologies of the different towns are analyzed to find comprehensive and innovative solutions, developing at the same time a startup ecosystem that connects European entrepreneurs willing to revitalize those areas. StartupVillage Europe (SVEN) is derived from the European Commission StartupCity Europe Partnership (SCEP) network, born to carry out the objectives of the initiative Innovation Ecosystems by Horizon Europe.

Juan Manuel Revuelta, Director of Finnova Foundation, attended the presentation and introduced NAPOCTEP as a project that aims for the reactivation of rural areas, threatened by depopulation and aging, by converting the French era invasions’ heritage in a sustainable and quality tourist product that generates wealth and employment in areas from Castile and León and central Portugal.