Two beneficiaries of NAPOCTEP project will participate in a webinar organized by Cámara Comercio de Santa Cruz de Tenerife (chamber of commerce) and Cabildo de Tenerife (insular government).

Brussels. 14.05.2020. On Tuesday 19th May, Finnova and SEGITTUR (two of the beneficiaries of NAPOCTEP project) will participate on a new programme to support SMEs and self-employed workers. The webinar is aimed at innovation in touristic companies and is organized by Cámara de Comercio de Santa Cruz de Tenerife and Cabildo de Tenerife.

Mr. Enrique Martínez and Mr. Juan Manuel Revuelta, president of SEGITTUR and General Director of Finnova respectively, will represent the project in this activity organized by Cámara de Comercio de Santa Cruz de Tenerife and Cabildo de Tenerife.

SEGITTUR will talk about leaning on their society to promote touristic innovation, while Finnova will explain European funding related to touristic innovation for companies and institutions.

The webinar has three main objectives:

1. Give information about funding for companies that implement innovation and for self-employed workers of the touristic sector that the next programme offers about touristic competitiveness. It will be launched again after the current state of emergency. The programme has two stages: the first one, in which companies receive a diagnose about the state and needs of innovation, and a second one, in which it receives a fund of 7,000€ to implement innovative solutions.

2. Show recommendations of the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) in the sector after the Covid-19 crisis: ways to mitigate the pandemic’s effects, recommendations of the UNWTO to face the situation, challenges, and projects and recommendations from the point of view of the region.

3. Learn about funding and the support available for innovation in the touristic sector aimed at companies and institutions through the calls of the European Union.

It is aimed at:

· Companies that received funding from the programme: catering services, accommodation, maritime transport, other terrestrial transport, travel agencies, playgrounds, fairs and other services related to shows. Organization of conferences. Parks and exhibition centres. Professionals for catering and others related to hostelry and trade.

· Self-employed workers and technology companies that offer innovation services to the companies above-mentioned, as they will be the ones that implement the selected

technological initiatives. Look at the list of more than 36 initiatives that can be implemented in the link of the programme above.

· In general, to self-employed workers, companies and institutions related to tourism and innovation interested in the evolution of the sector, recommendations to face the pandemic and actions that are being followed by the EU, the UNWTO, SEGITTUR and Cluster de Innovación de Canarias.

To sign in and know more about the programme, click on the following link: