This celebration was created in 2007 by the International Coalition for a Responsible Tourism.

Accesibility, information and awareness about a responsible tourism are among its aims. 

Brussels. 02.06.2020. Today is the global day of Responsible and Respectful Tourism, an ephemeris that we can not mix up with Tourism Day, which is celebrated the 27th of September.

This celebration and its official declaration took place in 2007 by the International Coalition for a Responsible Tourism. An institution that is formed by different experts in tourism: among its members there are more than 105 different structures located in 40 countries compromised with a responsible tourism. A scientific group of experts from the three differents fields of the sustainable development -economic, cultural and social equality and biodiversity and environment – are also part of this group of experts.

Informing, sensitizing and mobilizing tourism main actors –  tourism proffesionals, governments, and national and international ONG’s- about this type of tourism are some of its main aims.

What is responsible tourism? It consists in the development and the application of some management tools in order to minimise the negative impact of tourism activity and help the places that receive tourists to increase their benefits.

Napoctep, which is a cultural project based on the Napoleonic heritage in Castille and Leon and the centre of Portugal precisely has among its aims the development of this kind of harmless tourism in order to protect the environment. For that reason it underwrites the celebration of this day, specially in this period of time which is being extremely difficult for tourism sector