The event takes place on 3rd and 4th of February at Ciudad Rodrigo (Salamanca) and it is an occasion to lookback and to propose new lines of action for the second phase of the project.

Brussels. 03.02.2020. The beneficiaries of the NAPOCTEP project attend the meeting on 3rd and 4th of February at Ciudad Rodrigo’s Parador Nacional in Salamanca. After the second meeting which took place at Seville last December, this meeting is a very important turning point for NAPOCTEP.

During those days, the beneficiaries have meetings to look back and check the most important events reached so far. Moreover, they are going to visit some Napoleonic places and some places located in the immediate surroundings to Ciudad Rodrigo; such as Ciudad Rodrigo itself, Fuentes de Oñoro or Fuerte de la Concepción. NAPOCTEP is going to create synergies with other project such as EUROVELO, Siega Verde or Ciudad Rodrigo and Almeida partnership of Walled Cities and they are going to set the aims that they want to reach in the future.

Furthermore, the project is going to be presented at Ciudad Rodrigo’s city council. There, it is going to become known with the aim of involving the highest number of public and private entities possible.

The meeting will be attended not only by the beneficiaries el  CIM COIMBRA, el CIM Das Beiras e Serra da Estrela, Turismo de Centro de Portugal, la Rota Histórica das Linhas da Torres, la Fundación SIGLO para el Turismo y las Artes of Castilla and Leon Government, la Fundación Santa María la Real del Patrimonio Histórico, la Fundación Finnova y SEGITTUR – but also political representatives from the City Council of Ciudad Rodrigo and the Castille and Leon government, as well as representatives from different Spanish and Portuguese municipalities involved in the routes, who with their testimonies will bring interesting perspectives for cross-border tourism development.