The Minister of Culture attends the presentation of the thematic roadmap of the French invasions in the Coimbra region

Brussels. 18.08.2020. The Intermunicipal Community (CIM) of the Region of Coimbra and the Municipality of Mealhada made the presentation of the map/thematic route alluding to the French Invasions in the Region of Coimbra produced by the National Geographic Magazine, which took place on 12 August at 10.30 a.m. in the Convent of Santa Cruz do Bussaco, in Mealhada, and was attended by the Minister of Culture, Graça Fonseca.


  1. 10H15 – Reception of participants
  2. 10H30 – Welcome from the Mayor of Mealhada, Rui Marqueiro
  3. 10H35 – Presentation of the projects on the French Invasions in the Coimbra Region by the Executive Secretary of the CIM of the Coimbra Region, Jorge Brito
  4. 11H00 – Army Collaboration in the Elaboration of the Map – Roteiro das Invasões Francesas, by Colonel Luís Albuquerque
  5. 11H15 – Closing
  • Vice-President of the CIM of the Coimbra region, Carlos Monteiro
  • Minister of Culture, Graça Fonseca

It should be remembered that the CIM territory of the Coimbra region has several histories and marks left by the French invasions (especially in the third invasion, between 1810 and 1811). This theme is being structured in this territory in various stages and national and international geographical dimensions.

Taking advantage of the extensive documentary collection that has already been produced within the project, the CIM of the Coimbra Region presents the result of this work in a Thematic Map with the National Geographic stamp integrated into a journalistic work on the subject so that the reader and potential visitor can understand that the events were not limited to the well-known episode of the Battle of Buçaco and the retreating guerrillas, but also had an impact on the 19 municipalities that make up the CIMRC.

This is an important milestone for the consolidation of the development of this tourist resource, and work is being done to turn it into a differentiating tourist product, also supported by complementary actions such as the signposting of the main points of interest and the implementation of augmented and virtual reality solutions in the visitor support infrastructures.

This moment is of special importance in the year that marks the 210th anniversary of the Third French Invasion, and is essential for the structuring and enhancement of this important legacy of the cultural heritage of this region in the tourism assets.

This event also marks the 392 years since the construction of the Convent of Santa Cruz do Bussaco began.


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