New Sensations Festival

What is it? 

The New Sensations Festival is based on the meeting between people from diverse and diffeent origins who celebrate:

– A historical time where is recreated the era and the spirit which was lived during the Peninsular War and the construction of the Line of Torres Vedras.

– The contemporary time – mixing the plurality of ideas and points of view of the world in a playful way, emphasizing the passion and the ecstasy for the  self-knowlegde and the knowledge for the rest of the people in the world through artistical expression, culture, shared thought and social coexistence.

The epicentre of everything is the 18th market which is the link between the the contemporary and the past time. In parallel, the agenda of the Invasions Festival offers daily spectacles from different artistic areas – dance, theatre, music, performance… – Artists from different countries will represent their countries.

The objective public of the festival are families who are seeking enterteinment, lesisure and knowledge and appreciate iniciatives that mix popular culture with some contemporary artistical and creative expression practices in an informal context.

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Sep 29 2021


All Day

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