Europe in my Region chooses a NAPOCTEP’s picture as a postcard for its #Euinmyregion campaign

Brussels.19.05.2020. After being chosen as one of the winners in April contest, one of the pictures of the NAPOCTEP project will be part of the #EUinmyregion campaign. After being included as part of “Destination Napoleon” and being designated as a host project in the European programme Interreg Volunter Youth – IVY -, this is another landmark to add to the project.

The NAPOCTEP project – Napoleonic Routes in Spain and Portugal – participated last April in the postcards contest #EUinmyregion 2020.

Five pictures were sent, and among them one was the winner. Specifically, the one that shows Alqueidᾶo Fort, one of the Linhas das Torres Vedras 152 forts, which were built in the north of the city of Lisbon in order to protect the city during the 3rd French Invasion of Portugal in 1810.

This picture represents a project that pretends to contribute to the protection and spreading of the cultural and natural heritage and to put in value the huge amount of Napoleonic heritage in order to create a quality, sustainable and attractive product which can create economic activity and employment  in the area, but in a symbolic way.

#Euinmyregion is a communication campaign whose main aim is the increasing of the visibility of the project financed by the EU in all Europe. By using their communication and their support, all the beneficiaries and authority managers of the project are invited to compromise themselves with the European citizens to show their most important highlights.

All projects financed by the EU can participate (FEDER, FSE, Interreg, Life, Creative Europe…)

The winner pictures are selected according to the following criteria: their aesthetics consideration, their suitability and their capacity of catching the public attention.

The best pictures will receive 300 printed postcards and will be shared in all #EUinmyregion mass media and its Facebook and Instagram pages.

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