This webinar will have the develop and addition of Croatia to the route “Destination Napoleon” as its main topic.

Iñigo Bilbao, the coordinator of Napoctep project will be among the speakers of this webinar. He will explain more information about it to all the attendees and participants.

Brussels. 26.05.2020. The European Cultural Itinerary “Destination Napoleon” hosts today a webinar from 14 pm to 16:30 pm. In this webinar it will be explained how to develop and create this itinerary in Croatia.

Destination Napoleon” is a trail that travels along 60 cities in 13 countries, from Portugal to Russia. They are unified by a common wish: to integrate their historic Napoleonic heritage in its European dimension. Napoleon left behind an immense heritage, and not only is owned by each member state, but is also part of a shared European heritage. The influence that the Napoleonic era has in Europe’s contemporary cultural heritage can be viewed in different locations, characters, buildings, monuments, furniture, works of art and in other aspects, such as in law or the land registry as we know them today. In addition, there is a huge immaterial heritage linked to the figure of Napoleon.

Charles Bonaparte – President of the European Federation of Napoleonic CitiesJacques Mattei – the director of the European Federation of Napoleonic Cities, who attended the 2nd Steering Committee that took place in Ciudad Rodrigo last month – and other representatives of different sectors such as politics, education and culture at both national and European level will be among the speakers.

Futhermore, Íñigo Bilbao, the coordinator of Napoctep at Finnova Fundation, will be also another speaker. It is important to remind that Napoctep is part of “Destination Napoleon” since last March. For that reason, he will give it as an example of good practices of Cross-Border Cooperation between Spain and Portugal within the framework of the Interreg-POCTEP programme.

Financed 75% by the Interreg VA Cross-Border Cooperation Programme Spain – Portugal – POCTEP (2014-2020) Napoctep has as one of its main objectives the creation of a tourist and cultural product based on the rich heritage of the Napoleonic period in the regions of Castile-Leon and Central Portugal.

It also aims to help boost the economy of these areas, safeguard the environment, create jobs and de-seasonal tourism in rural and inland areas of both countries.

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