Cordoba Tourism Forum 2020

On 2 and 3 December 2020, the Cordoba Tourism Forum 2020 will be held, both in person and online, where part of the Finnova Foundation team will present the NAPOCTEP Project, among other topics of interest to tourism.


It will have the following agenda:

Wednesday 2nd December

09.30 h – Reception, Control and Electronic Accreditation of Participants

10.00 h – Institutional opening and authorities. Speakers: Ms Inmaculada Silas, Provincial Deputy for Tourism of the Córdoba Provincial Council, Mr Manuel Muñoz, Secretary-General for Tourism of the Andalusian Regional Government, Mr Fernando Valdés , Secretary of State for Tourism of the Spanish Government

11.00 h – Tools and Keys from the Public Administration for the Construction of a Tourism Model after COVID-19 Speakers: Isabel Muela, Deputy Minister of Tourism of the Basque Country Government (2016-2020) and Isabel Oliver World Tourism Organization and Andalusian tourism representative

12.00 h – Conference New Market Niches for Tourism: The Cinema Tool for Dynamisation. Delivered by Mr. Carlos Rosado Cobian, President of the Spain Film Commission

12.30 h – Conference on Technology and Sustainability, tools in favour of the public sector in the development of intelligent destinations. Delivered by Mr. Antonio López de Ávila , Founder of TDDS and former President of SEGITTUR

13.00 h – Conference on Quality Management in the Tourism Model after COVID-19. Delivered by Mr. Fernando Fraile, Director General of ICTE

13.30 h – Round table: Strategies from public management in the field of tourism: Trends and Opportunities. Speakers: Ms. Pilar Amor , Delegate for Tourism, Mérida City Council, Mr. Moisés Jorge Naranjo, Managing Director of the Fuerteventura Tourist Board, Mr. Francisco Javier Gómez Mayor of Potes City Council. Moderator: Ms. Mª Dolores Amo Camino, Vice President of the Cordoba Provincial Council

16.00 h – Workshop on Sustainable Tourism Plans in Destination. Delivered by Mr. Javier González ,THR Tourism Advisors (The guide will aim to provide participants with a roadmap for the development of comprehensive tourism sustainability plans in destination)

17.00 h – Practical Workshop on Public Management and Municipal Strategies for the Development of Intelligent Tourist Destinations Delivered by TDDS

18.00 h – Practical Workshop The construction of European tourism projects for the development of municipalities. By the Finnova EU Foundation

18.30 h – Practical Workshop Instruments, processes and objectives for obtaining regional, national and European tourism certifications in the municipal sphere – By Mr Iñigo Bilbao Ubillos, former Director General of Tourism of the City Council of Vitoria and Mr Marcelo Mautone, Director of Strategies in Co-Tourism, member of the UNESCO Chair of Tourism and Sustainable Economic Development (ULPGC)

19.30 h – End of the day


Thursday 3rd December

9.30 h – Reception, Control and Electronic Accreditation of Participants

10.00 h – Opening of the Second Conference

10.30 h – Round Table on Public and Private Financing and Investment Paths for the Tourism Sector in the face of the COVID-19 crisis. Speakers: Mr. Eduardo Fernández, Deputy Director General for Cooperation and Competitiveness in Tourism of the Ministry of Tourism, and representative of the Andalusian Ministry of Tourism

11.00 h – Financial Management and Private Investment for the Tourism Sector in Times of Crisis by COVID-19 Delivered by Mr. Francisco Lozano, CEO of the Financial Area

12.00 h – Evolution of Tourism after the COVID-19 and strategies for the recovery of activity in the Tourism sector. Given by Mr. Francisco Javier Castillo Acero, Managing Director of DNA . Responsible for the Study on the Evolution of Tourism after the COVID-19

13.00 h – Round Table Present and Future of Tourism in Spain: Keys to understanding the future of the sector and its evolution. Speakers: Mr Eulogio Bordás, President of THR and Mr Miguel Sanz Castedo, Director-General of Turespaña

14.00 h – Closing of the National Strategic Tourism Forum


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