BTL – Lisbon Tourism Exchange postponed to May 2021

The AIP Foundation, as the organiser of BTL – Bolsa de Turismo de Lisboa, hereby informs all its exhibitors, partners and visitors of the following:

1- The AIP Foundation, in accordance with the legal norms in force and the recommendations of DGS – Directorate General of Health, the World Health Organization and in close articulation with UFI (Global Association of the Exhibition Industry) and EMECA (European Major Exhibition Centres Association), has implemented a Contingency Plan in the Context of COVID19, which integrates the measures and procedures indicated by these entities, which it has put into practice in an internal context and in the fairs and events that it holds and promotes;

2- Taking into account recent developments caused by the pandemic and, in a considered manner and giving priority to the safety of the entities, companies, buyers and visitors that annually participate in BTL, as well as taking into account the International Buyers who, every year, come to know and buy the tourist offer of the destination Portugal and the constraints on travel that still exist worldwide, the AIP Foundation decided that

In coordination with the most relevant Associations and Partners in the Tourism Sector, it was concluded that, given the evolution of the pandemic situation that the country is going through, the conditions were no longer met to be able to ensure the realisation of BTL 2021 on the dates originally planned. Thus, in order to meet the wishes and needs of promoting the tourism sector, the AIP Foundation decided to postpone BTL 2021 to 12 to 16 May.

It was thus considered that the new date is in accordance with the expectations of our customers and partners, who over the years have greatly contributed to the affirmation of BTL as the largest and best event for the promotion of tourism in Portugal and that it will also be the safest date to hold an event with the international reach of BTL, thus hoping that it will be possible to organize an event even more decisive for the promotion and achievement of business in the tourism sector.